Would you let a random guy take you on holiday?!

Here is a question... Would you go on holiday with a random guy you met on EBAY?! If he paid for the holiday?!

I've just spotted this on eBay... The listing reads...

"Great oppurtunity for you ladies!!

Whats happened is; me my partner his boss and wife booked a holiday to Tunisia 4 star all inclusive (flights included) but sadly pauls wife has left him (her loss i say :-) but could be your gain!) becuase now he needs someone to go with.

Its a couples holiday so no guys unfortuently which is why weve decided to put in on here makes it more fun. hes not looking for anything ontaward just a holiday buddy, and best bit is its all free!! just bring some spending money.

Hes a really decent guy who just doesnt want to cancel his holiday and loose out, good on him!"

What do you think?!

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