Smart clothes peg will tell you when it's about to rain!!

A 'smart' clothes peg has ensured that you'll never get your washing wet ever again.

The revolutionary 'Peggy' sends an alert to your phone when it is about to rain as well as informing the best time to do your washing and estimating how long it will take to dry according to the weather.

Linked to a mobile phone app, the smart device sends a push-notification to alert users with any updates.


Peggy, which looks just like an ordinary clothes peg, uses a built-in thermometer to monitor changes in temperature.

Humidity and precipitation - including rain - are monitored with a humidity sensor and a built-in light sensor keeps track of UV sunlight.

Australian laundry brand Omo developed Peggy in response to research that revealed parents want to spend more time playing with their children.

The smart technology elements in the device work together to help families be more organised with their laundry and have more free time.