Prankster's wife sparks £65,000 bidding war on eBay!!

A petrol head prankster put his wife up for sale on eBay highlighting her 'decent bodywork and skills in the kitchen' after claiming she was unsympathetic when he moaned about feeling unwell.

Joker Simon O'Kane from Wakefield, Yorkshire, posted a picture of long-suffering wife Leandra alongside a tongue-in-cheek ad detailing his reasons for selling her and the pros and cons of the 'purchase'.

The dad-of-two made the listing at around 10pm on Wednesday evening after he claimed Leandra wasn't playing the role of a devoted wife.

The 33-year-old was stunned when bids hit £65,880 within two days - though Leandra 'wanted to kill him' when she discovered the next day that she was 'for sale'.

The eBay listing pf Simon's wife Leandra


Fellow bikers got in on the joke by asking questions about mileage and upkeep. Simon said: "There were a few general pervy guys asking for more pictures but most of the responses to the ad were hilarious.

"The best one was 'has she raced or rallied?' We both liked the guy looking to exchange her for a camel, and the guy trying to work out how much bacon he could get really got us howling."

The serial joker admitted that he's a big kid at heart and has a history of pranks on Leandra.