Name that beaver!

Asking the public for name suggestions has proven very recently that it can go wrong... Remember Boaty?!

But that hasn’t stopped the Devon Wildlife Trust turning to social media users for a title for its new beaver mascot.

In fairness to the charity, it seems to have learnt lessons from the Boaty McBoatface saga.

While the public’s views on a new name are being sought, they don’t have a say in how it the final name.

Very sensible.

And sadly, as spokesman Steve Hussey said, Beaver McBeaverface is unlikely.

‘We’re looking for an imaginative beaver name. After the recent Boaty McBoatface debacle we’ve chosen not to run this name selection as a vote.

‘Instead we are reserving the right to choose the winner and it won’t be Beaver McBeaverface or anything that doesn’t represent the correct tone for our work for wildlife!’

Still, that hasn’t stopped people having a bit of fun

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Take a look at the beaver in question here...