McDonald’s have opened a restaurant that doesn’t serve burgers or fries

We’re worried about McDonald’s. Very worried...

First they opened a branch with a salad bar, and now they’ve opened a new restaurant that doesn’t sell any burgers.

Or fries.

The new McDonald’s, or, we should say, McCafé, opened on August 29 on Rue Rambuteau in central Paris.

It’s open from 7.30am to 10pm and it serves coffee, soup, club sandwiches, bagels, cakes, even macarons.


It has an open kitchen, a cake counter and seating for 30 people.

So Parisian. So chic. So very un-McDonald’s.

In fact, the McDonald’s branding, other than the sign on the front door, is minimal. It’s not the McBagel; it’s just a bagel.